• Dina Mayasari Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Jamal Nagari Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN)


narratology, character identity, point of view, focalization, characterization strategies, implied reader, sociocultural contex


This study employs a narratological approach to dissect the construction of character identity in Faith Stones' acclaimed novel "Whispers of the Evergreen." Through a meticulous analysis of narrative techniques, includ-ing point of view, focalization, characterization strategies, and the interplay between various narrative elements, this research unveils the nuanced and layered portrayal of character identities within the literary work. The study highlights the pivotal role played by the narrator's perspective, the author's masterful use of descriptive language, and the significance of focalization in guiding the reader's understanding of character identities. Furthermore, the analysis explores the interplay between characters and their surrounding environments, the role of the implied reader in co-constructing identities, and the influence of sociocultural contexts on char-acter development. The findings underscore the dynamic and fluid nature of character identities, emphasizing their constant evolution throughout the narrative. By employing a rigorous narratological approach, this research contributes to a profound understanding of the intricate processes involved in the construction of character identities within literary narratives.


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