• Satriani Satriani Institut Agama Islam (IAI) As'adiyah Sengkang


Independent Reading, Reading Comprehension, Experiential Learning, Reading Engagement


This qualitative study aims to explore the impact of Independent Reading on students' English reading comprehension. The research was conducted using a qualitative approach with a focus on understanding the experiences, perceptions, and attitudes of students towards Independent Reading. The participants of the study were second semester students at the Islamic Institute of As'adiyah Sengkang. The findings revealed rich insights into how Independent Reading influenced students' engagement with English texts, their strategies for comprehension, and their overall perceptions of reading. Through thematic analysis, it was evident that students in the Independent Reading group demonstrated increased motivation, confidence, and enjoyment in reading English texts, leading to improvements in comprehension skills. This study contributes to a deeper understanding of the qualitative aspects of Independent Reading and its implications for enhancing students' English reading comprehension.


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